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#1 2010-10-18 05:17 PM

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New forum software and host

We moved to a new server and new forum software. The forum used to be hosted by Vic,
but later the hosting part of his company was taken over. Apparently the new owner
stopped updating the server and the server got rooted. This may or may not have been
done via vBulletin combined with a local root exploit, we just don't know. The amount
of spam was getting quite out of hand with vBulletin anyway, so we decided to switch
forum software too. Well, it was more a matter of the original server taking very long
to get fixed and Vic offering to host the forum again, and me wanting to move away
from vBulletin, assuming it was to blame for all the spam and the server getting hacked.
So here we are now.

The database conversion went mostly okay, and any problems I could find I fixed by
hand. If there is anything missing or wrong please tell us. We got backups of the old
database, so if anyone wants to have their private messages emailed to them then
just ask and I'll extract them from the database.

In an attempt to clean up the database and get rid of old spambots, I deleted all
accounts with 0 or 1 posts. Only spam posts should be deleted, the others are set
to guest posts.

Furthermore, guest posting is now allowed, so you don't have to create an account.
There is no members-only area or anything, so you certainly don't need to create an
account just for reading, except if you want to subscribe to certain threads (but you
can use the RSS feed for that too). Accounts with zero posts after a month or so and
no subscriptions will be deleted after a while.

Any feedback and all suggestions are welcome. Is the black code box too black?
Are the fonts too small? Can't log in? Do tell!


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