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#1 2008-07-28 01:43 PM

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Re: GUI in uclinux

hi i need to use a GUI for an interface, i´m using a 128x64 lcd and a custom keypad, the Os is uclinux, i don´t know if use microwindows or other (i think this gui is too match for my display, i don´t know if microwindows is going to support this), or to develop a custom (much simplier) GUI.
Any advise will be good


#2 2008-07-28 03:15 PM

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Re: GUI in uclinux

Considering that your LCD is tiny I'd go for a custom solution, but it depends on
a lot of thing, like what the hardware restrictions are and what you want to display,
how flexible the solution needs to be and how much time you want to spend on it.

If it's a custom learning project for fun I definitely would make a custom solution,
but if it's for a product you want to have finished as soon as possible using an
existing windowing system is probably faster. But it depends a lot on what you
want to display.


#3 2008-08-11 07:06 AM

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Re: GUI in uclinux

At 128x64 that sounds like "dumb" lcd...

In other words simple colors ( on / off or black / white )...a basic - hardware - driver and persistence... so probably best to do a direct drive based on the controller chipset and support...

The biggest question has nothing to do with your lcd... it has to do with the processor driving, mhz / ghz and similar... if the "graphics" libraries you want to use actually directly support it... and the overhead of the libraries of choice... and the task i.e. if its simple display then maybe its ok but if you are doing data acquisition ( realtime ) and display - the overhead may very well ruin your application...


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#4 2008-08-13 02:27 PM


Re: GUI in uclinux

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