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#1 2007-03-18 12:28 AM

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Re: help me regarding unix programming



#2 2007-03-18 02:07 AM

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Re: help me regarding unix programming

No one is going to make your homework, if that's what your hoping for.

When asking for complete solutions, at least have the grace to keep it on the forum so other people can also grab it later on, instead of requesting the thing to be emailed to you.

Go read the manpages and start honing your programming skills, it isn't that difficult.

If you have any specific problems or questions we'll gladly help you though. But for posts like this: Be ashamed, very ashamed.

Oh, and next time please put a bit more care in writing your post, it's full of typos.


#3 2007-03-18 03:04 PM

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Re: help me regarding unix programming

I don't know, it almost seems too bizarre and surreal to be actual homework... ;-)
You just want any random program that fits the given simplistic criteria?  Weird...
Generally, homework tends to be much more specific (though usually pointless and
silly, but very specific, nonetheless)...

Anyway, just to try to help a little bit...  A zombie process is one who is dead, but
whose parent hasn't yet done a wait*() to clean up its resources...  And, an orphan
process is one whose parent has died, and has been adopted by "init" (PID 1)...
It'd be easy enough to write a program to demonstrate either one, but just from the
description, you should be able to do so yourself...  Hint: "man fork"...

As for your other stuff, try "man signal" and "man execv"...


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