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How a data streaming works over the internet?

I know that a data stream is a big block of data, like a pipeline that has two endpoints in which data is placed at one end and goes to the other end.
Now, via the internet if the client requests the file to be located on the server (according to what I know), the file is divided into small packets in which each packet has its source address and destination address and is sent to the respected destination. weighted and it can go any way through the network to reach the destination.

If broadcast works the same way I think, that is, like a pipe with two endpoints, where data is placed at one end and comes to the other end, the endpoint from where the data is put in contains the address. source and end point from where the data must go to contain the destination address.
Does it create a virtual pipe from the source to the destination via the internet? If it creates a virtual pipe, what happens if at a certain location on the path the network is lost? Will all data streams be lost? How does it handle a situation like this?


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Re: How a data streaming works over the internet?

What do you mean by "broadcast"?  In the context of networking broadcast has a very specific meaning, and it's always talking about a datagram socket, not a stream socket...  It's one where packets sent out get delivered to all addresses on a subnet...

But, if you're really talking about stream sockets, ie. TCP sockets, then yes you can think of them like pipes, essentially...  If a certain node along the route becomes inaccessible, it should be able to route around that, assuming there's more than one way to access things...  If there's no other way of reaching the destination than to go through a downed node, then the transfer will eventually fail, after all retry attempts timeout...


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