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#1 2019-04-18 05:10 AM

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raw socket for udp loopback

I have a requirement for using raw sockets with protocol as UDP. The communication is between two user processes on the same system. The destination address that i will have to use is only loopback.
Basically i have 2 processes which are communication using normal UDP sockets with loopback address as the destination address. Now i have to move away from these sockets to raw sockets.

If i use the destination address as loopback, will the packet be received by the process which transmitted the packet as well ? I believe so ...
If that is the case, how can i ignore this packet ? I need a way to ignore the packet or somehow make sure that the transmitting process doesnt receive the packet. (Any setsockopt() ? to solve this )

Both the process will be transmitting and would do a recvfrom() on the raw sockets created.

2) If two processes on the same system use sockets as IPC, isnt it true that the kernel will actually bypass the IP stack and provide a shortcircuit ? or does it take the same path as in the case of the peer being on a remote system

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#2 2019-04-18 02:37 PM

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Re: raw socket for udp loopback

I'm assuming this is just some silly project for a class or something?  Because, it sounds stupid to use raw sockets in such a situation...  Even regular UDP sockets are overkill, and what you really want are AF_UNIX sockets...

But, if receiving from raw sockets, you'll have the protocol headers available to you, so you could simply have each sender use a specific source port# (just as they presumably did when using regular UDP sockets), then check for packets with your own source port# and discard them...

Yes, the kernel does various optimization tricks for senders/receivers on the same local system, but it's effectively just the same as using the loopback interface, which you're already doing...  Things still go through the standard stack, though...


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