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#1 2009-07-04 11:01 PM

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Re: get absolute path of socket

hi all

given is a file named 'socket' which is of type S_IFSOCK (from a unix domain socket)

now i try to stat the file just with the given file name 'socket'
stat returns ENOTDIR OR ENOENT cause it expects an absolute path
i tried realpath to convert 'socket' to an absolute path which results in ENOENT (i think because of the socket type of the file)
so the only way i see is: creating an absolute path by myself using a few if-statements and trial&error code to try path's like '/socket' OR cwd()'/socket'
but this is just trying which i dont like and its not very portable

so the question is:
did i miss something on my trys on realpath/stat OR how do i get the absolute path of a socket file without trying around?

thx all


#2 2009-07-05 12:34 AM

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Re: get absolute path of socket

stat() doesn't expect an absolute path, a relative path also works.

But you have either the fd, or a pathname. If you have a fd you don't
need the path, most of the time. If you have the path you should be able
to open the file/socket or do anything else.

Or do you have a unix domain socket fd created by socketpair() or an
abstract namespace unix domain socket, and try to use its path? That
won't work as there is no corresponding file path.


#3 2009-07-05 05:30 PM

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Re: get absolute path of socket

Yeah, if you're getting ENOENT, then you must not actually be in the same directory
as the socket file, or else it really has a different name than you think it does...

But, why do you want to stat() it, anyway?  You can't really get much useful stat info
out of a socket file...  I suppose owner/group/perms might be useful, but that's about
it...  And, it really only matters on some systems...  (Some systems ignore perms for
socket files...)


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