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#1 2006-05-04 03:53 PM

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Re: config options for a proxy switcher?

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what i wana do:
i thought about a programm, which acts as a "gateway" to proxyservers
example: change proxy settings in firefox to localhost:someport
and then surf
my app changes the proxy for every new connect
this means, my server (java and localhost) gets a request, checks it's list of proxies, connects to the proxy and forwards the request to the proxy and the response to the client (firefox, IE ...)

what i wana know:
1. what would you think, should be configurable? what options should be available?
2. since, this project is only an idea for now, i need to know:
    how can i check what type of proxy i have?
    example: i have a list of n proxies
                 before i connect to the proxy, it would be cool to know if the proxy is high anonym or transparent or is it a socks, or ftp, mail or http?
anybody knows a "fast" and good method to know what kind of prox i have in my list?
cause, afaik, there are some proxies, which only support HTTP GET and not HTTP POST
3. question 1 refers to the kind of options
   Q: how should the options be adjustable? on the fly with a "config server" (and a GUI for it?), through config files only (how should they look like?)

what the final prog should do:
1. it should know, which proxy types it has listed (socks,http, POST only)
2. it should be able to search for proxies itself (or check some forum's for new proxy posts or proxy list's)
3. maybe post the proxies in an IRC channel so other proxyswitcher application's know of it (it's just an idea of sharing the proxies)
4. proxychaining
5. configure proxy chains (how?) should be maximum flexible
   example: proxy1 should be socks, connecting to proxy2 which should be http ....
6. ip2country function
    example: proxy1 should be in china, proxy2 in panama ...
7. bandwith control for proxy search mechanism
    e.g. only a few kb of bandwith should be used for searching new proxies
8. hardcoded proxies, that don't get checked
    maybe a proxy scoring (good proxies get 100, bad get 0)

any idea or comment would be great

btw: i wana do it in java, cause i never programmed system independant code in c/c++ and for beginning this is too much for such a project
i also wana have many windows user's so searching for new proxies will be wide spreaded
and java has a "good" api for the most stuff, so the project should be relatively easy


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