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#1 2003-09-29 06:05 AM

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Re: python forum?

along with c, c++, and java

could you put up a python page?

Python is really gaining in popularity, it has most of the power of perl with much much more!


#2 2004-05-19 09:54 PM


Re: python forum?

I am also looking forward to a page for python.
python is not only becoming hot, but also the easiest way to write
networking code.
also it is not mature.
more forums for discussing it will be awesome!!!

#3 2004-05-20 01:24 PM

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Re: python forum?

Well, if you're discussing specifically network code, then it can
always just go in the "Networking" forum, regardless of what
programming language you're talking about...  (Though, I won't
guarantee that any of us admins will know a hell of a lot about
anything beyond plain C code... ;-)  But, someone might...  And,
the basic ideas are generally interchangable among all languages,
anyway, so it often doesn't make any difference what the language
is, except in being able to understand the basic syntax well enough
to see what you're trying to do...)  The language-specific forums
are really more for not directly network-related issues specific to
those languages...  And, they're really only here as sort of hold-overs
from when the place was starting out...  Actually, there IS already
a Python forum here; you guys just can't see it, but me and the
other admins can... ;-)  I think we (probably Loco or Vic) just went
through and hid most of the forums, leaving only a few that we were
prepared to actually answer questions on...  Hence, we have C,
C++, and Java (though, *I* certainly am not prepared to answer
questions on that one ;-)), but no Python, since none of us were
too enthused about handling general Python questions...  (This is,
after all, supposed to just be a sockets/networking-related forum...
Though, it's rather evolved into a bit more general than that... ;-))
I, for one, have used Python on a few rare occassions, and found
it...quite odd... ;-)  Not in a bad way, though...  But, you can't help
but find a language in which whitespace actually matters in regards
to syntax a bit odd... ;-)  It is fairly spiffy, though...  However, like I
say, I don't know if we really want to open a general Python forum,
for any old Python questions...  But, for networking questions,
feel free to ask them in the "Networking" forum, whether you're
coding in Python, or Perl, or anything else...


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