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#1 2003-06-27 03:09 PM

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Re: pentium 4 g++ (first Im first!!!!!)

i use Pentium4 3.06GHZ with hyperthreading and SMP RedHat 9. What is best swichs for g++ compiler for best performance under this system?

i use g++ -o -O2 output input.cpp


#2 2003-06-29 11:46 PM

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Re: pentium 4 g++ (first Im first!!!!!)

If you want the code 100% optimized for the pentium 4 processor then try adding:

-march=pentium4 -fomit-frame-pointer

You should note that the use of -march will result in code that probably will not run on ANY other processor (unless the processor is the next generation and is 100% instruction compatible with the p4)...

If you don't want that sort of situation... then replace -march with -mcpu leaving the rest of the line as before...  this will / should cause optimizations without causing a break down on other (previous versions of the same family) cpus...

Side note... you may not actually need the -fomit-frame-pointer flag...  not all the way certain with the -O2 (or -O3) flags... may include / set it by default when they are used... but explicitly declaring them certainly won't hurt anything...


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