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#1 2003-03-14 12:18 PM

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Re: You should allow non-registered users to post

Don't see why its necessary, and it prolly put a lot of people off - i almost didn't bother...


#2 2003-03-14 02:24 PM

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Re: You should allow non-registered users to post

Hmmmm, I thought they COULD...  I'm pretty sure I've seen a few
occasional posts from "guest" users before...  Maybe Michael disabled
that back during the attack of the script-kiddies we had, a while back?

But, really, I don't see too much of a problem...  If you can't be bothered
to register, then you probably don't need help TOO badly, anyway... ;-)
The only one you're really depriving is yourself...  We'll all survive
without yet one more question to try to answer... ;-)  And, even
non-registered users should be able to read past Q&As, and the FAQ
proper, so they might find their answers without needing to ask a thing...
If it's truly a unique problem that's never been seen before, well they
have to weigh whether it's worth the 'trouble' of registering to try to get
help solving it, I suppose...  I don't seem to notice much of a shortage
of users around here, so I don't think TOO many people are finding it
TOO onerous a requirement... *shrug*


#3 2003-05-05 04:51 AM

From: Sol 3
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Re: You should allow non-registered users to post

Yes, a few minor items were changed... but I thought that non-registered users could still post in some areas (e.g. the lounge / suggestions and so forth)....  though the primary forum areas (where people are asking / answering questions) should have anonymous / guest posting turned off...

After all, how hard is it to spend 30 seconds "registering" so you are able to post...  its not like the site is collecting any really personal information... and it does not even require that an admin authorize people after they register... its simply register then start posting... no waiting...


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#4 2008-07-09 06:20 PM


Re: You should allow non-registered users to post

I think you should have to register

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