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#1 2002-09-11 02:32 PM

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Re: gcc 3.02

hi, i use 2.95 gcc
In reality, is step to 3.1 or 3.2 performance gain? Have somebody skill with this?


#2 2002-09-11 07:48 PM

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Re: gcc 3.02

I am not certain about any performance gain by moving from the 2.95 to the 3+ series... 

As far as I know, nothing big for the C side of things...

The big advantage(s) are better conformance to the C++ standards...  things like make inner classes work correctly (access etc.)...   moving all the STL stuff out of the global namespace proper to the "required" std namespace... and a bunch of generic bug fixes... and so forth...

The catch is that if you are doing C++ work and were coding(or using someone else's code)  not using fully proper C++ etc. then  by switching to the new compiler you may have all sorts of previously unknown errors rearing their heads... though most will be easy fixes (like just adding the line "using namespace std;" in your headers...


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