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Re: 2.25 - How do I monitor the activity of sockets?

Taken from the original FAQ.

From: Matthias Rabast ([email protected])

How can I find out,

which sockets have highest throughput ?
how big is the tcp window size for each socket ?
how often does a special socket block and go again ?
For monitoring throughput there are tools such as IPAudit that will monitor throughput. I can't remember which tool I used to use for this purpose, but a quick search found IPAudit. I haven't tried it, so let me know if it works, or if you know some better tools.

You can use netstat -a under solaris and look at the Swind and Rwind columns for send and recieve window sizes.

I'm not aware of any tools for monitoring how often a socket blocks. Someone please add a comment if you have any suggestions for this.

You could parse the output of snoop/tcpdump to get some of this information. Let me know if you know a good parser and I'll list it here.


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