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#1 2009-04-14 04:43 AM

Verbal Hologram

Re: i need help

hey guys and girls i am going to be looking into schools to learn how to code, i am very interseted in learning to do so in all of the diffrent langueges. please forgive me if i dont sound like i know what i am talking about, i want to learn more but i am not sure where to look for good information on the terms of codeing or how to write a basic line or two. so thats where you guys come in if you could direct me to some good information either links or books.

- Verbal Hologram -

#2 2009-04-14 11:55 AM

From: Amsterdam
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Re: i need help

Start with reading Beej's Guide to C Programming.

The basics are pretty much the same everywhere, though each language has
its own particularities. If you have no clue about how computers work; don't
know what a logical or does, have no idea what two's complement is or
even what virtual memory is, it might help to learn that kind of stuff first.
If you're not interested in low level computer stuff then it might be better
to start learning a higher level language like Python, so that you can better
ignore it even though it will always loom nearby.

Have fun.

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