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Re: 6.8 - Multicasting

From: Robert G. Brown

These online resources are fabulous -- one can find nearly any
aspect of socket programming discussed complete with sample code.

One thing doesn't seem to be discussed in detail. How does one
write a multicasting application? Specifically, does anyone
have code for a simple multicasting application that I could
clone and incorporate into an information daemon I've written?

From: Senthil

U can have a list of client(socket ids) subscribed to ur information daemon.
when u want to netcast an info, u go thru the list, find out the active clients(using select)
and write to their sockets.

From: tito

.... but wouldn't that be REbroadcasting and not multicasting...

How can I send out one packet and have it read by all of my subscribing clients? Why congest the network with redundant information?

From: leena

I need to write an application whereby my text editor will display multiple carets depending on the number of persons working on the shared document.

In what planet do you live???


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