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Re: 7.2 - perl examples of source code

From: Dave Atkins

The only examples in the sample source code are for C programs. Are perl examples available?

From: Lars Gregersen

There are several documents comming with Perl that contains information on sockets. I have found the standard documentation very helpful and have used code based on the examples on Windows and Unix.

Look at the documentation for
  and Perl book you can find
In that order and your questions will be answered.

  Lars Gregersen

From: James Lawrence

I would reccomend the following book.

PERL5 by Example by David Medinets
Publisher=Que ISBN=0-7897-0866-3

1/4 of this book's content deals with network programming. Also, if you are into PERl as much as I am, you need this one on your shelf. You will not be dissapointed.

Enjoy !!

From: Marc

Check out http://quake.skif.net/RawIP. Home of Net::RawIP
and alot of source examples

From: Bart Van Eynde

check out Sander's page:
title: Network Programming in Perl
link: http://home.t-online.de/home/320054954159-0001/perlnet/

A lot of good working examples of perl code using sockets

From: Daniel Gustafson

The "Network Programming in Perl" site has moved to: http://www.1024kb.net/perlnet.html. Just wanted to post it before the redirect disappears.


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