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Re: 7.1 - Looking for a good C++ socket library

From: Russ Fink

What good freeware C++ class libraries for sockets are out there? I've seen a couple, but they are all several years old, which makes me wonder if anyone is keeping them up anymore. What good options are available to me under C++ that are low-cost? Thanks in advance -- Russ

From: Byron Harris

You may want to look at The ADAPTIVE Communications Environment (ACE), which can be downloaded at http://www.cs.wustl.edu/~schmidt/ACE.html. It includes a number of C++ classes to aid developing extensible and portable communications code.
Socket access is part of ACE.

From: Dema_Lamer

without problems =) ...
see licq sourses ... (classes INetSocket, TCPSocket, UDPSocket)


From: Shivakumar

I wanted to develop sockets between HP UX and Sco unix machines in C++

From: Lonnie Cumberland

Take a look as the SAL "System Abstraction Layer"
libraries out at:


I think that they are VERY good and seem to work on
different platforms also.

From: Stephen Silvey

Unsure if this will help, but libnet has a good C (Not C++) Package for doing packets.

Available at this location:

Read an article about it at:

From: Stephen Silvey


From: Stephen Silvey

Spencer's Socket Site: Has several C++socket library links:



*Don't* use ACE. It is shite. It is impossible to trap certain errors (for instance, failures in its gethostbyname abstraction) using ACE.

From: d ross

Search Google for "WFC" and "Blackburn" - Sam Blackburn wrote the WFC library (source included) and it is very good. I think it's now on the CodeProject site.

From: Tom

I just want to second the don't use ACE count. ACE is a a over templated library that takes too long to build, produces code that is too large, use too much memory and is too slow. I recommend searching at google if you do not wish to do the socket stuff your self.

From: Doug

If you're in need of a UNIX/WIN32 cross-platform socket
library please feel free to try the DataReel open-source
development kit. The DataReel socket library is a C++
BSD/WINSOCK wrapper that allows you to build multi-threaded
communication applications portable between Linux, HPUX,
Solaris, and Windows.

From: tetryl


From: mlampkin

Fairly well known generic multi-function C++ package with some networking capabilities. 



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